Bear – the German Shepherd

I was commissioned to create this painting of Bear, the German Shepherd who can’t keep out of the water. I’m on a roll with German Shepherds so once again, I focused on the eyes. She has such a gentle expression.

Alan was very pleased with the result and will be meeting his daughter shortly, who owns the lovely Bear, to pass on the portrait. I can’t wait to hear her reaction. Commissioning a dog portrait for a present is such a great idea.

Bear the German Shepherd, with Alan who commissioned her

Iznajar October 2021 Painting ‘en Plein Air’ competition.

The Wyllie Fox has come out of hibernation!

A new and shiny website has been published, to promote pet portraits and showcase the paintings of The Wyllie Fox.
To commission a portrait, buy an original painting or a limited edition print please browse the website and use the contact page to discuss your requirements.

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