El Retiro accommodation is now open!

It’s been a busy spring with so many jobs to do before I could open my doors to paying guests here at El Retiro! I had a lot of help from friends, family, builders and Workawayers, which not only gave me a huge boost and lots of laughs but the added bonus was that I was already used to sharing my space. The good news is that I love doing so! It’s a big house for just me and the joy I feel when people relax, get into the atmosphere and enjoy this special location is so rewarding. I have been pretty lucky with bookings too. Mostly from booking.com but some from the website and out of the 4 lots of guests that have stayed I have sold 1 painting and have a commission for a portrait. There were a few issues with the track (as expected) but work is starting in a week’s time to begin repairing a leveling. So, whilst it won’t be tarmacked it should be an improvement. The natural pool is looking great despite this spring heatwave and the lilies are now exploding onto the surface. The guests have been cooling off in it and floating about surrounded by swallows and flowers…. The overall reviews so far on booking.com are giving an ‘excellent’ 9 out of 10. I’m not going to get complacent yet though. I’m still learning and sorting out little niggles.

Exciting news coming next week too as I turn even greener (watch this space!)

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