Bear – the German Shepherd

I was commissioned to create this painting of Bear, the German Shepherd who can’t keep out of the water. I’m on a roll with German Shepherds so once again, I focused on the eyes. She has such a gentle expression.

Alan was very pleased with the result and will be meeting his daughter shortly, who owns the lovely Bear, to pass on the portrait. I can’t wait to hear her reaction. Commissioning a dog portrait for a present is such a great idea.

Bear the German Shepherd, with Alan who commissioned her

Otto Portrait

I loved painting one of my favourite dogs, Otto.
His eyes are so expressive and once I had those right, it was easy.
Painted for Otto’s owner, David for his birthday.

We love Dogs at Cockington Court

Cockington Court Kitchen Gallery is behind the shop in Cockington Court.

The Cockington Kitchen Gallery exhibition is now up and running! It’s a very dog friendly location, with fabulous walks, craft centre, cafe and shop. Do come and visit. You can see Francesca Wyllie’s original oil paintings of dogs and limited edition framed prints, as well as other talented artists who love to paint and sculpt dogs too.

Open daily and running until the 3rd of March.